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We all need something, and the power of prayer can and will help. Lets all join together and pray for each of the special prayer requests found here. And lets not forget all those that need a prayer answered and haven't listed it here. Together we can do it, all we have to do is ask God and he will listen.


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June 1998...Pray for my son who will be graduating from High School this spring and entering college in the fall. Please pray for his success.


June 1998...Please pray for my family as they have lost a couple loved ones in, a row. Pray for them that they will see God in a good way and not a , bad way., , , , ,


June 1998...I could really use a prayer...i need one to please finally once and for all make everyone know I did not do what i am accused of in the fights. I just received an email stating what it is i have done...and its all lies :((( please add me and ask they pray and someday everyone know the truth. thank you


June 1998...Rio Jade Guinniss, My cousin, "fever" has CFIDS and recently contracted Scarletfever, and Smallpox., She is pagan/wiccan-I am Christian, but a prayer is a prayer no matter what religeon a person decideds., her name is beca meehan, and she is from Ireland. She is in need of prayer big, time, as she has very little immune system due to the CFIDS. Drop by her site, leave a kind word please, is in Dfamily, and, in Dpatrol as "SweetSpirit"...and the name suits her well! Please dont leave a private message, as she is unable to open the guest book, to read private messages-if you wish a private message e-mail her at, Thanks, and God Bless , Rio

June 1998...I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma on June 5,1998. I trusted Christ on May, 17,1981 at what is now GRACE BIBLE CHURCH in Moscow,Vermont. Since moving back to, Maine in 1988,I haven't been in close fellowship with Jesus or other Christians. Please pray that, God will use me through this time of testing to become strong in Christ and that many will be saved, as a result. Please pray that the doctors I muse see will be given wisdom and clarity of mind as i, face this health challenge. Of course,please pray that I will be completely healed and be able to, report a great work of Our Lord!! Love to All because of the Cross, Jack St.Onge


June 1998...i need to find a job in the morning. it is urgent. please pray that God will open the right doors for me, , , , , , , Chris

June 1998...That my 15 yr old daughter may find the faith, she feels she does not , have. After a lifetime of being in a Christian home she feels she does, not beleive in God and does not want to come to Church anymore., Please pray the Lord will reveal himself to Louisa as he promised, several years ago, and for me that I will be able to continue to trust, her to His care., , Lynne

June 1998...Christ Temple North Church, our church is under a strong delusion from the pit of hell itself. please pray for our pastor and all the saints ......please pray ...pray....pray...for us . thanks.., , , , , , ,

June 1998...God's will and direction in my life., , , , , , , Johnny

July 1998...Thank you so much for your prayers for our brothers and sisters in Saudi. We learned this morning that fifteen more were arrested Saturday, including our MMI overseer for the city. Up until now those who have been giving us information have requested that we just pray and not take political action. They now feel that the situation has become so grave, that it is time to contact Saudi embassies around the world. We have listed several countries' embassy addresses below. When you call or write, ask for the Deputy Chief of Missions, the Special Assistant to the Ambassador, or the Political Officer. Express to them you are greatly concerned about the friendship between our two nations and that the Saudis are greatly threatening that friendship and co-operation by the arrest of Christians. Those who have already called say that the Saudi officials will respond that if these people had not broken the law, they would not have been arrested. They will try to make you believe that all these people have done something against Saudi law. This simply is not true. They are arresting people and interrogating them to see what they know. It is not obvious that all have broken Saudi law. Please be polite but firm when speaking with the officials. Please continue praying! We know that there is time to take action in the natural, but that the battle is won in the spirit. We thank you again for your faithful prayers! Marilyn UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia 601 New Hampshire Ave., N.W. Washington, D.C. 20037 TEL: (202) 342 3800 ARGENTINA: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia A.M. Deaugadao 2881, 1452 Buenos Aires TEL: 802 6867 CANADA: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia 99 Banle St. Suite 901 Ottawa, Ontario KLP 689 TEL: (613) 237 4100 TLX: 031 4285 FRANCE: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia 5 Ave. Hoche 75008 Paris TEL: 766 0206 / 227 8112 GERMANY: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia Codesberger Allee 40-42 5300 Bonn 2 TEL: 379 0137 SWITZERLAND: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia 12 Kramburgstrasse, 3006 Berne TEL: 031-441555/031-444063 UNITED KINGDOM: Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia 30 Belgrave Sq. London SW1 TEL: 235 0831

July 14, 1998...Help in battling the wiles of the devil at work and everywhere, also for an upcomming promotion, I want to go deeper in God...Ralph

July 16, 1998...For my husband Bob to give his heart to the Lord. For my friend david to come back to God, and for myself to keep the faith.......Ann

July 21, 1998... pray for my son not to lose his job, his district manager , is real mean to him' also pray that i will find, a real good reasonable dentist' pray that my brother pete will , pete will be blessed finacially and healed, , , unknown

July 21, 1998... I need prayer for my husband and myself., , , , lynda


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