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Would you like a Customized Avatar?

      1 Send me via Email the picture you want as an Avatar

      2. Tell me what portion of the picture to use

      3. Let me know what name (if any) you want on the Avatar

      4. I will return the finished Avatar to you via Email

      5. Most requests within one or two business days

      6. No cost to you (if you provide the picture)

      7. Use the mail box below to send your request

Send Avatar Requests Here


If you don't have a picture that you can send to me email, or need a picture scanned, send $2.00 per picture to me at
Michael Michaud
P.O. Box 9470
Bolton, CT. 06043-9470 USA
The $2.00 will help cover return postage of your picture and handling/scanning costs.
Don't forget to include the information listed above, plus your email and return address.

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